The Graham Saga

She is dragged back through time to a new life, a new and frightening world. And a new man...
Love. Drama. Heartbreaking loss & heady adventure. Welcome to The Graham Saga! 

  My best-selling series! Winner of the HNS Indie Book of the Year 2015, plus several other awards!



The King's Greatest Enemy

The fourth book in my series The King's Greatest Enemy, is here! Publication date Feb 16, 2017. 

Welcome to 14th century England, to the world of an inept king, a rebellious baron and an adulterous queen. Welcome to the life of Adam de Guirande, an honourable knight torn apart by his loyalties.



Other stuff! 

I'm a proud collaborator to "1066 Turned Upside Down", exploring what might have happened had William the Conqueror lost. 

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With eleven BRAG Medallions, a number of HNS Indie Editor's Choices, two HNS Shortlisted books, one HNS Indie AWARD Winner, One RONE Honourable Mention and seven Readers' Favourite Five Star Seals, I'd say yes. Find out more on each individual book page!




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