Whither Thou Goest

In their rural home in the Colony of Maryland, Matthew and Alex Graham are still recovering from the awful events of the previous years when Luke Graham, Matthew’s estranged brother, asks them for a favour.

Alex has no problems whatsoever ignoring Luke’s sad plea for help. In her opinion Matthew’s brother is an evil excuse of a man who deserves whatever nasty stuff fate throws at him. Except, as Matthew points out, Luke is begging them to save his son – his misled Charlie, one of the Monmouth rebels – and can Charlie Graham be held responsible for his father’s ill deeds? 

So off they go on yet another adventure, this time to the West Indies to find a young man neither of them knows but who faces imminent death on a sugar plantation, condemned to slavery for treason. 

The journey is hazardous and along the way Alex comes face to face with a most disturbing ghost from her previous life, a man she would much have preferred never to have met.

Time is running out for Charlie Graham, Matthew is haunted by reawakened memories of his days as an indentured servant, and then there’s the eerie Mr Brown, Charlie’s new owner, who will do anything to keep his secrets safe, anything at all.

Will Matthew deliver his nephew from imminent death? And will they ever make it back home?

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"Beautifully written, thought-provoking and intense, Whither Thou Goest lives up to its predecessors in every possible way. A must read for any fan of historic fiction."
- Erin Davies, Flashlight Commentary

"I truly believe Anna Belfrage is the best writer of portraying the human condition I have ever come across."
- Stephanie Hopkins, Layered Pages

"Anna writes Whither Thou Goest with flowing pen, flawless structure and sentences, intriguing and engaging plot, dimensional characters filled with emotion and authenticity, and gorgeous imagery. This is an excellent series worth the money so you should splurge on the entire set, as you’ll want to read this series from the start."
 - Erin Sweet Al-Mehari, Oh for the Hook of a Book

"It seems Belfrage cannot put a foot wrong. Long may she continue to give us installments in this truly wonderful series."
- Lady Kell, Kincavel Korner

"...ends on a wonderful note, (maybe?) setting up the final volume for a very special finale to a memorable series of books."
- Broken Teepee

"Overall, Whither Thou Goest is another hit. Like I always say in these reviews, if you haven't read this series, go do it!"
- Denise, So many books, so little time

"The Graham Saga is such a wonderful series, very well written, strong characters and accurate historical detail. A historical fiction, romance and suspense all in one! I highly recommend the whole series!"
- Kathleen, The Celtic Lady's Reviews

"A well written, engaging story that allowed me to escape into an earlier century and live in that world for a while"
- Dianne,
Dianne Ascroft's blog